Hope in Poverty

The piece communicates the real life. The art doesn't just depicts hunger, it shows suffering, pain, angish. That is what is real behind the scene. It is what we go through that shapes us into who we are. The woman is not just concerned about her present state. Her eyes alone is burning.ablaze with hope.... Continue Reading →

Tomatoes and Prolactin

I remember when my breasts were developing rapidly, this was the early stage of my hormonal imbalance. I noticed how some men were always drolling over the size even when my body was and is till yearning for contol over its rights to define its anasthetic parameters. Medium: Oil on canvas Size: 4ft by 5ft... Continue Reading →

State of the Nation

The situation of things then was kind of a catch-22-situation and some will call it a state of dilemma. We knew not the drugs to use to take away our infirmities and groans of pain. Glory to God, presently things are changing and change we pray. Medium: Pen on canvas Year: 2013 Artist: Olatoye David

Irun Didi

In the southern west part of Nigeria are the yoruba with centuries of culture about the head 'ori' which trails back to the mythology of obatala. Olodumare's second son. The head refers to an individual's intuition and destiny basically the human consciousness. Within the yorubas, the hair on a females head has similar relevance to... Continue Reading →


Art unifies, culture unifies, just the way football and other games unifies different countries. This piece is the conflation of the black race itself. Blacks are diverse, mostly in Africa but also outside africa like Jamaicans. One of the similarities that unifies black is it's hairstyle called dread, which is called ' Awuru' in yoruba... Continue Reading →

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